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Our ambition

To help you reinvent your future

The digital revolution is underway, it is reinventing markets and competition, transforming economic models, changing people’s behaviour and creating incredible opportunities.

How can you construct the future of your organisation in the digital era? How do you prepare for it? How can you define a digital strategy that is aligned with your business, your goals and your challenges? What changes should you make? How can you mobilise the necessary human, financial and technical resources? What are the resulting benefits? Where do you start?

Prodware Business Consulting helps you enter this new paradigm by moving beyond the traditional boundaries between creativity, business knowledge and mastery of innovative technologies.

Our belief

Digital transformation is a disruptive

In a world that is ever more connected, informed and digital, businesses must go through far-reaching changes that impact their products and services, challenge their strategy, modify their organisation and transform their economic model.

It is possible to metamorphose your company to remain competitive and refashion your economic model thanks to the digital transformation.

A digital transformation generates profound change, challenges strategies, impacts business offers, modifies organisations and revolutionises economic models.

Our value proposition

We define the right trajectory and support
its execution using 5
guiding principles

The answer lies in bringing together the dynamics of sector, business and tech trends. This goes beyond a static picture of a strategy, market and ecosytem.

Prodware Business Consulting creates added value by integrating the human element at the heart of every transformation. Together with our skills and sector expertise, we offer a range of unique services to support you in this change.

When it comes to designing, innovating, optimising, protecting or anticipating, our experts are there to help you understand the challenges of the digital revolution.


Because challenges are international, our consultants of 15 different nationalities offer you a diversity of thinking, expertise, experience and culture.


We offer genuine and positive change based on excellent work in accordance with our own and our customers’ standards.


The aim is not just to apply good practices, but to invent the best practices to optimise and sustain your performance.


Our goal is to create value correlated to your investment, and to have a direct impact on your business, so that you benefit from a genuine competitive advantage.


A love of knowledge sharing and mutual enrichment help our consultants flourish and create a stimulating environment that fosters the emergence of new ideas.

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