Customer Experience Management

Fundamentals of the customer experience

Today, customer experience is the result of a complex mixture of factors, impacted by technology changes that occur through the customer journey.

To provide a customer experience of superior quality, our teams work side by side with you at every level of your organisation.

We help you create a unique, coherent and differentiated customer experience, which fosters loyalty and transforms your customers into brand ambassadors.

We help you create an exceptional “magic moment” customer experience, from creation to implementation, and we help you treat every customer contact as a precious and limited resource that creates value.

But our goal reaches beyond mere customer satisfaction. It also aims to develop a foundation of advocates. We are convinced that a positive customer experience is a genuine competitive advantage that leads to faster growth at lower cost.

Four key elements for your success:

Vision, value, execution and engagement

It is the entire set of interactions between the consumer and the company, and thus the consumer’s collective impressions, that define the customer experience.

This experience includes all points of contact, before, during and after the purchase. And it is not limited to this, because it concerns the company as a whole, including its direct and indirect interactions with its customer.

Efforts to transform the customer experience into a magic moment are not enough. They must be part of an end-to-end customer journey that includes the customer vision and value (purchase, after-sales, etc.), as well as the company’s execution and engagement (global customer vision, processes, etc.)

Offer an optimal customer experience

Performance levers for
customer transformation

Managing the customer experience is more than mere customer relations, because it also takes into account the company’s customer vision. It requires a strategy centred on creating value through a positive customer experience, which ensures the establishment of an emotional connection between the customer and the company.

We work together with you to define streamlined management of the customer experience to achieve several goals:

  • Faster life cycle for customer relations
  • Increased customer loyalty, which equates to a larger average spend.
  • Higher and sustainable customer added value
  • Contribution to brand value and image
  • Reduced customer churn rate and extended average customer lifespan
  • Additional revenue generated by word of mouth, i.e. additional sales stimulated by a recommendation by an existing customer.

Support across the entire
customer experience value chain

An approach based on three priorities

In the digital era, only a personalised and unique approach to relationship allows you to anticipate and meet the needs of your customers.

Prodware Business Consulting supports you to help you stand out in an increasingly competitive and connected market with an approach based on three priorities:

  1. Support end-to-end implementation.
    • Analyse your performance in terms of customer experience across all the key levers that it comprises.
    • Define a customer vision able to unite your customer experience assets and initiatives.
    • Construct a customer experience improvement programme and define its implementation, from identifying the key actions, steering indicators and management principles to implementing governance,
    • Develop and deploy a change management approach.
  2. Optimise the customer experience delivered at all points of contact.
    • Optimise the customer journey across all channels of interaction and develop innovative functionalities.
    • Develop a coherent and streamlined omni-channel strategy.
    • Define and deploy differentiating solutions for a new customer experience following an “At-Aw-Ad” (Anytime, Anywhere, AnyDevice) approach
  3. Make best use of technological solutions.
    • Apply a continuous improvement approach to all your customer processes.
    • Exploit customer feedback and improve data collection.
    • Optimise CRM tools across all customer interactions.