e-Supply Chain and Operational Performance

Transform the organisation and processes to improve performance and profitability

An approach to performance
based on five levers ​ ​

Prodware Business Consulting helps you construct a sustainable competitive advantage at every level of your operations, so as to have a global response to e-supply chain issues (competitiveness, continuity and compliance) and offer operational departments practical solutions adapted to their needs by applying a Lean Management approach:

  • Strategy and organisation of the e-supply chain
  • Performance of operational models
  • Efficiency of operations
  • Management and planning
  • Alignment of IS with business needs

Strategy and organisation
of the e-supply chain

To define the development strategy and target organisation for the company’s e-supply chain, we propose a five-step approach that aims to deliver more value at every stage of your extended e-supply chain:
  • Mapping of current state: current organisation, revenue sources (profits, customers, products),
  • Evaluation of customer expectations: customer demands, satisfaction, value scale,
  • Market positioning: competitors, opportunities and threats, scoping elements and KPIs,
  • Identification of the main levers: strengths and weaknesses of the corporate logistics, competitive touchpoints,
  • Evaluation and selection of progress areas: market impacts, execution costs, operating costs,

Performance of operational models

Our goal is to design the operational models that are suited to the characteristics of the various product and service segments, so as to implement processes and organisations to support them.

We measure effective performance and improvements at different links in the operations chain, as well as their coordination and overall flexibility.

To generate more value for the long term, we help you improve the competitiveness of each of your functions (purchasing, logistics, HR, finance, etc.) at every site and throughout your entire logistics chain.

Efficiency of

Our consultants’ mission is to improve the efficiency of organisations, processes and the e-supply chain (sales administration, front and back end, workshop-factories, operational logistics, etc.) based on a Lean Management approach.

We define and implement Lean Six Sigma programmes in your company to increase agility and develop a continuous improvement culture.

We help you define the digital challenges for your organisation:

  • use of the internet, mobile devices, objects (IoT) and connected systems in the e-supply value chain
  • implementation of cloud computing, building and operating a cross-channel logistics chain, taking advantage of big data analysis, etc.

Forecasting, management and planning

Optimised anticipation of demand is crucial for scaling and adjusting the resources of the e-supply chain (production capacities and components/materials).

We work with you to developed the strategies, processes, technological solutions and skills that are perfectly adapted to managing your e-supply chain.

Together we define the necessary structures and processes to encourage collaboration with your suppliers and customers in an extended enterprise approach (VMI, collaborative forecasting, etc.).

We help you apply sales forecasts to planning for resources, supplies and stocks, to improve service levels and costs across your entire value chain and contribute significantly to the performance of your e-supply chain: customer service, quality defect costs, WC, obsolescence, etc.

Alignment of IS
with business needs

Prodware Business Consulting’s experts apply their in-depth understanding of the issues to support you with your purchasing performance projects, supplier risk management and the implementation of new technologies and services for a hyperconnected e-supply chain. 

We help you define tactical and operational business needs, arbitrate between IS choices (vertical vs. ERP, etc.) and implement dedicated business line solutions: project APS, TMS, MIS, etc.

We participate in the selection of e-purchasing and e-sourcing solutions from market leaders in the field, through to implementation of their design and international deployment.