Digital transformation

Helping you reinvent your future

With the arrival of new competitors in the market, companies need to structure a digital strategy to better delivery their products or services.

Prodware Business Consulting supports you in redesigning your company to meet the key challenges of a digital transformation. Every challenge and opportunity is addressed from a different angle with a 360° view of impacts.

We work with you to define the opportunities and risks of a digital approach to:

  • Reinvent your economic models
  • Reimagine the experience of your customers and employees
  • Rethink your operational processes

Our differentiating element:
Collaborative intelligence

We bring together the range of our talents: strategists, industry and sector experts, marketers, designers, data scientists, coaches and trainers, etc.
Our skills, business expertise, creativity and technological know-how come together to serve our customers.
The customer and employee experience, supported by data, is at the heart of our value proposition.
Our impassioned consultants think, create and act to support you across your entire value chain.

Cover the entire digital
transformation value chain

Our value offer provides you with a 360° view of the impacts of the digital transformation:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Customer Engagement
  • Digital Employee Experience
  • Digital Operation
  • Digital Smart Data
  • Digital Lab

Digital strategy

Support companies in a rapidly
transforming economic environment,
between risks and opportunities

With our expertise in adaptive strategy and innovative economic models, we help you adopt a long-term global view of digital transformation.
We advise you in your growth strategies to expand your digital competencies.
We help you create new economic models, new forms of enterprise, collective and collaborative dynamics, new modes of leadership and new technological solutions.

Digital customer engagement

Design a positive
customer experience
to add value

We work across the entire customer journey value chain, including eCommerce, the cloud, mobile, social networks, advocacy marketing and data analysis.
We help you improve your customer segmentation, design an experience, personalise it and continuously improve it to retain your users over the long term.
We help you better understand your customers, identify and orchestrate the digital solutions that will increase their engagement, to provide you with a better return on investment and on interactions (ROI).

Digital employee experience

Create human interactions
within the company

The human is the key factor for digital transformation, and must be the first driver of the digital renaissance.
Guided by usability, supported by an agile and innovative design and based on the most inspiring technologies, we support you from the definition to the implementation of new digital models and behaviours.
Our consultants work together with you to define the behaviours of tomorrow and new modes of collaborative work.

Digital Operation

Place people at the centre
of the digital transformation

We help you define and diffuse a digital and agile culture in your organisation using an “Adoption & Coaching” approach:

  • digital immersion sessions
  • individual coaching
  • seminars
  • tailored events
  • digital creativity sessions
  • communication initiatives, etc.

We help you foster the adoption of new digital models usages via a succession of quick wins, to free up innovation within your teams.

We support you in the transformation of “traditional” processes into digital processes (Lean 2.0). 

Digital smart data

Leverage data
to the point of
extracting new
economic models

Within a continuous improvement approach to business performance, we help you implement a data collection, processing and leverage approach to:

  • take better decisions
  • anticipate risks
  • create more value and new opportunities
  • enrich customer knowledge
  • develop a digital view
  • propose more personalised and adapted customer offers and pathways

Digital lab

See and try out
all the innovative solutions
to glimpse tomorrow’s practices

Everything moves quickly, sometimes almost too quickly and everything changes constantly.
To understand this economic and technological disruption, we support you in an innovation approach by stimulating collective intelligence.
Our Digital Lab, an incubator for innovative ideas, will allow you to glimpse the solutions and trends of tomorrow.
In order to track the evolution of new technology trends in real time, we support you in an “agile” approach to develop Proof of Concept (PoC).